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lets go get sushi. ive never tried it. lets take too many pictures. lets study the lines in peoples faces. lets watch bad zombie films. lets talk about art. good art. bad art. struggling artists. successful artists. lets get lost in the fog. lets leave our headlights on. lets lay in a field in the…

we could. but remember, the battery died. my brothers know how to fix things and i know how to watch and how to learn. family is meant to pick you up, to show you how. i’m sorry yours would rather tell you that you can’t. but let’s prove them wrong. let’s prove you wrong. taking pictures, seeing those stars, drawing those pictures that you never thought you could. they’re all worth something, just like me and you. 
no one can take what we have in our minds. but we both love to help, both love to share. let’s show the world what we’ve got. let’s find those hidden roads and take the world down them. look what we found, everyone! it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

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on the receiving end

of nothing

but a foggy,
yet conflicted

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love is supposed to come easy
if it dont
then it ain’t

and maybe that’s just fine


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and you made it so clear;

awkwardly wiping the dew off a foggy mirror with your little pinky finger.

the dew you made with your words.

but you were clearing sections here and there,
only to breathe your ambiguities out on that plane again.

i knew in your mind was a masterpiece;
one of reason, and line, 
of caring, and prudence, and in due time,
your process complete, a piece that would bring me to tears,
of that i was sure.

but you could never stop erasing
the marks you cared so much about

with a
pretty Pink Pearl eraser,
or your little finger.

your hands now shaky with confusion. 
smearing “why?"
into the

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freezing rain

Collecting thoughts, but these thoughts aren’t things…

They swim around, so she can’t see, in a stream with a current that comes and goes. 

It leaves her wary and unsure 

disrupted and volatile 

from a stream into steam, with the heat, she goes.

She’ll slip between your fingers like the vapor that she is. 

Maybe once the rain-clouds catch her they can tell her where she is, who she’s been, and how to feel.

And then she’d fall with her feelings, back down to the earth

into the puddles and ponds and mouths of those who need on the mountain tops.

Then rushed back down the stream where she can do nothing but melt and scream. 

No one ever wanted to be caught in a storm of freezing rain. 

Even though all she ever wanted to do was water the flowers that surrounded her.

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The Thing About Distance

I had 20\20 vision,

a blur here and there.

But you, you wear nearsighted,

and always liked to go without glasses.

You said you looked better in contacts.

But I don’t think they worked;

because you only ever looked in the mirror.

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I could feel the heat rising

from the tip of my tongue,

and the base of my throat,

in the throb of my heart,

to the bumps on my skin.

And there were no feathers, or pillows, or love

to comfort and cushion this start.

Just a rock hard ground,

at the bottom of a puddle,

and blow,

after blow,

after blow.

So I waded,

And let the heat simmer,


and burst

inside me, all around me and my broken walls.

Then you took the pieces you’d shattered,

and threw them to the wind.

It was then that I realized, 

I am made of me.

From the tip of my tongue, 

to the throbbing in my heart.

and I

am all

that I need.

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you know, it’s sad

that you’d let someone have hold of you like this.

don’t try and hide what it is

because we can all so plainly see.

and i hope you’re happy in the end,

cause i’ll be gone before you know it.

so enjoy the void;

& embrace the emptiness

that you’ll eventually fall prey to.

i believe you’re better than that.

you just have prove it to yourself.

because in the end you’re all you have.

but for now,




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I’ve always found beauty in broken things.
Those desolate places, forgotten toys, and vacant doors you always see. 

Even people, some in so many pieces
that they can’t tell which go where anymore.

I thought; “these pieces tell a story, one of struggles, and strength,”

That there is so much beauty 
behind their words,
and their present thoughts,

that keep them together when they should be in shambles.

And no matter how broken you might feel, 

I will always see the beauty
in each piece of you.

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My tongue is at a stand-still,

I can’t think of which ways to press it, bend it, and form

words that could console the grieving, give hope to the questioning, and love to the longing.

You never know what to say when you see the first petals falling from a daisy.
You never know what to say when life reminds us of exactly what it is. 

(Source: coralwine)

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I always remember the little things,

but they must’nt have been so little to me…

Like the posture of your hands 

on a Blue Moon, or the back of my neck,

dewey with the chill of condensation.

Like the shade of your eye-shadow then.

Its cyan tinge reflecting off 

those deep siena pools of light I loved to see so clearly

(but never really got the chance to.)

And the subtlety of the way you left,

faulting me for forgetting my past,

(while keeping the beauty in your present hidden.)

See, I regret nothing of the way our paths collided,

I just wish I’d really known you.

Now I know I was your own little nothing,

and we were never quite so nothing 

to me.

(Source: coralwine)

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I want to be out in the green, out in the dark with you;

to be warmed by a smoldering branch, and the stone beneath the hearth
cloaked gently by our mother,

our bodies draped with love.

Sing songing, dream speaking, hope keeping

until we fell asleep under the omnipotent cosmos
and a cover of waxy green leaves.

To wake by the song of the sweet morning lark,

letting be known that all is well, all is one,

all under the hem of our Great Mother Earth.

(Source: coralwine, via )

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all of the colors in me -

an amalgamation of the most beautiful kind

not a rainbow, or a wheel.

but a kaleidoscopic blend of all the things i’ll ever feel

when only you

walk by.

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(in case you cant read my less than perfect handwriting) You wander in your sleepy shoal, around those who know no betterthan to glance around the beautysurrounding them, completely unaware.You lay in your sleepy bedasking why things couldn’t be just a little simpler…The ghosts in the Shoals are haunting,but they don’t know your strength.And neither do you. It’s hidden in your sleepy head, under that sleepy hair, sleepy gaze, sleepy stare - at all the wonders around you.
Don’t let them haunt your dreams away, dear.And know that I believe in you,waiting in the Shoals. 
Kayla, I just want you to know that this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me ever & to know that someone believes in me makes me want to cry because I’ve honest to God never had that before. You’re such a beautiful person, inside & out as much as those words get thrown around. I’m glad I have a friend like you in my life. I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I will cherish this forever. Like, I might print it out & frame it just to remind me that I’ll always have someone to lean on. 
I love you so much. 
My favorite kind of people -

are the ones that come

and enter our lives simply

to love us later.

(Source: coralwine)

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