50% cute|50% gross= 100% insect

very bug friendly

queer | demi-girl | artist

no preferred pronouns

talk with me!


hey im really excited about today but i’m also particularly great at looking mostly expressionless in selfies…. 
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❁ meet the blogger ❁
name: Kayla
nickname: Spranks, Calamarie, Frost
favourite flower: honeysuckles and jasmine (based on scent and taste)
favourite fruit: pineapple
favourite ice-cream flavor: mint chocolate chip
favourite pastime: napping w/ cats, catching bugs, drawing, FFXIV: ARR
day or night: laaaate nights, early mornings
zodiac sign: capricorn-aquarius cusp
how do you take you coffee/tea: can’t choose… tea for taste, coffee for the buzz
your catchphrase: repeating sentences i just said w/o realizing??? it’s weird idek dudes

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i got these really rad pants at goodwill yesterday and my hand looks monstrous
i’ll get wherever i’m goin,
get whatever i need.
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HAHA literally me
That’s fine. Just fine.
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